UKHSU - The United Kingdom Horse Shoers Union

Union of Country Sports Workers



UKHSU Affiliates to UCSW

We are delighted to announce that UKHSU have affiliated to the Union of Country Sports Workers.
We remain an independent association but we can count on the support of the UCSW with its 4,000
members and its valuable experience and contacts in the issues that affect our livelihood.

Among those who have already joined UCSW are hunt servants and game keepers; ghillies and water
bailiffs; saddlers, riding boot and clothing manufacturers; grooms, vets, gun dog trainers, sporting
agents, wildlife rangers, shoot managers and beaters; feed merchants, transport operators and gun re-
tailers; skin dealers, farm contractors and tour operators; secretaries, accountants, and physiotherapists.
We think that farriers have a lot to gain by joining with other groups with a similar stake in the country
way of life.

This means that all our members will receive all the benefits of UCSW membership - worth £15 a year
- just by belonging to UKHSU. Livin' Country, the UCSW magazine, is published 3 times a year.
UCSW has a free advisory service for its members. The main areas covered are legal, taxation and the rural economy. UCSW also offers a personal injury claim service. In other words, if you have been injured in an accident at work within the last three years through no fault of your own, their personal injury lawyers can claim compensation on your behalf.

We have been asked to have a place on the UCSW executive committee and Peter Baker is currently
filling that position. If you would be interested in sharing this duty please contact Peter, meetings are
held in Oxfordshire.