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Stuart Craig to represent farriers 

Lantra appoint UKHSU to Industry Group


The Governing board of Lantra accepted our request for representation on their “Professions Allied to Veterinary Science Industry Group”despite objections from within the Group itself chaired by Miles Williamson-Noble.

Giles Holtom volunteered to be UKHSU representative and we were delighted to propose him to the Lantra Board. However the Lantra board decided that they would not accept our recommendation on the grounds that Giles is not currently a training farrier.

Stuart Craig RSS AFCL, UKHSU Vice-Chairman, offered himself as an alternative and we are delighted to announce that he was accepted. Stuart trained as a farrier in the British Army and represented the Army in horseshoeing competitions. He has been employing and training farriers for approximately 25 years and is still doing so at the present. He has trained approximately 12 apprentices during the course of his career. He holds the L11 and Health and Safety qualifications and a Royal Warrant and is a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Farriers.

Stuart has already attended one meeting on 12th August 2004 and has started to make a positive contribution on behalf of farriers. The next meetings are scheduled for 9th March and 25th October 2005.

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Other members of the Industry Group are:

Les Armstrong, Nafbae
Jerry Baker, JFTC

Veterinary nurses:
Sally Davis, Suffolk
Sam Tilling BVNA

Roger Eddy, RCVS
Libby Earle, RCVS

Miles Williamson-Noble, FRC
Tim Wynne, WCF
Barb Coulson, Sparsholt College
Bob Kemp, Cheshire
John Hedley, Yorkshire

Amanda Laing, Scottish Qualifications Authority
Darrin Sinclair, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority