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Boosting the skills of training farriers 

Press release from Lantra April 2004


A new "train the trainer" programme has been designed to help farriers who are involved in training others and supporting trainees in the workplace to improve their instructional techniques.

Developed by Lantra and the Farriers Registration Council, the new training programme is helping farriers to develop the skills required to effectively plan and deliver training, deal with difficult trainees, and adopt an instructional style that requires trainees to think and participate.

All new Approved Training Farriers (ATFs) are required to attend the course, which involves one full day and a further half-day training session, during which the ATF will learn effective instructional techniques and have the opportunity to practice coaching and instruction. Existing ATFs are also encouraged to attend the training to develop their skills. Upon successful completion of the course and approval of the individual's personal portfolio, delegates will achieve the 'L11' qualification - 'Enable learning through demonstration and instruction'.

"This new course will be extremely valuable in helping all training farriers to develop their instructional skills and techniques", says Miles Williamson-Noble, Registrar of the Farriers Registration Council. "The Farriers Registration Council are pleased to have developed this course in partnership with Lantra, who have much experience in designing 'train the trainer' programmes", continues Miles.

David Wilson, a seventh generation farrier from Fife, recently attended the L11 course to develop his own skills and give feedback on best practice to other approved training farriers, within his role as Field Officer for the Farriery Training Service.

"I enjoyed the course and found it useful having to be more structured in my teaching" says David. "I feel that it has made me a better trainer and hopefully this will benefit my future apprentices."

If you would like to find out more, contact Rob Lloyd Jones at Lantra on Tel 02476 696996 or email