Horseshoeing Links

Anvil Magazine   US Farriers Magazine

Hoofcare and Lameness Magazine   another US Farriers Magazine

Farrier Giles  down to earth views on current fads in shoeing

soundhorse technologies  Sigafoos horseshoes - technical

the-forge-pages uk  Farrier Information and (heavily censored) discussion board

lifelearn  do a very nice cd rom on the horses foot for £33.45

The American Farriers Journal  the farrier's top trade site for horseshoeing techniques, education etc (another US Farriers Magazine)

world wide farrier directory   believe it or not, a world wide farrier directory

’couping’   mutilation of the hind feet of Clydesdale horses for showing?

Tonya Nyland at KeyStone Farm English riding stable offering qualified equestrian coaching and training as well as quality warmblood hunter-jumper horses for sale in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

and finally: COFFAW  (Control of Fireworks For Animal Welfare)


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