Farriery and veterinary books - horseshoeing text books and veterinary handbooks for farriers, horse owners and students.


1) The Horse Shoeing Book  by Martin Humphrey. The ultimate horseshoeing guide for horseowners and students. Read the full text online (without pictures).   Order your own copy for only £14.95 (with lots of pictures) post free (UK only).

2) Hickmans Farriery  second edition by John Hickman and Martin Humphrey. The standard work. £30 post free in the UK only.

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The Village Blacksmith by Ronald Webber is the classic book on the history of the smith. An enjoyable read and an absolute delight with its wealth of history, tales and fables.
I have one copy in good condition for only £11.95 post free (UK only).

Hickmans Farriery second edition by John Hickman and Martin Humphrey. Only one used copy in close to new condition but has some notes written on a few of the pages, as far as I can see there are just a few numbers written in pen eg 2665, 640. I expect they meant something to the writer! Otherwise an excellent copy. £25 post free in the UK only.

Hickmans Farriery first edition 1977 by John Hickman. One copy in fairly good condition for £14.95 post free in the UK only.

3) The Principles and Practice of Horseshoeing by Charles Holmes FWCF  (Farriers Journal Publishing Company, Leeds) is out of print but well worth having.  I have one 1949 copy for £30 post free in the UK only. It is in very good condition but due to age the binding is rather brittle and the book needs to be treated with care.

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