UKHSU - The United Kingdom Horse Shoers Union

New No-Nonsense Guides to rules and regulations for setting up your business 

From Business Link, May 2004


If you're thinking of running a business or working for yourself, the 100-page No-Nonsense Guide saves you time, stress and money. It tells you what you need to know about the legal and official side of starting up on your own.

The 2004 edition of The No-Nonsense Guide is out now, covering topics such as:

* Forming a business
* Sorting out your tax and National Insurance
* What VAT will mean for you
* Premises and health and safety
* Protecting your intellectual property
* Is your business in a specialised sector?
* Trading regulations and data protection
* Recruiting your first employee
* Understanding employees' rights
* Resolving problems with employees
* Government advice and support for your business

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