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Why I oppose the regulation of American farriers by Dr Doug Butler  


"At one time I thought farrier regulation would be good for America. I now have a different view. " World renowned farrier Dr Doug Butler PhD, CJF, FWCF explains why he opposes the regulation of American farriers in the September edition of the American Farriers Journal. "I have observed the British system as closely as any American in our time" write the famous author. "It is administered by a few with police power. Do we really want a bureaucracy of that magnitude to govern us?"

Describing the British farrier regulation system Dr Butler comments, "A few privileged persons dictate what everyone must learn and practice. Your ability to make a living can be taken away by a few dogmatic people for very trivial reasons. People who challenged this exclusive circle of pontification have been persecuted and even ostracized. Do we need a few manipulating, power hungry persons to have a regulatory influence over our ability to make a living and, thereby, the lives of our families?"