UKHSU - The United Kingdom Horse Shoers Union

  AFA convention 2004



A photo of Edward Martin from the American Farrier's convention last week.

Haydn Price was a lecturer, very well received, and Billy Crothers, Darren Bazin and other Brits did very well in the competitions. But Edward was the star!

The women in the photo are all farriers except yours truly. Between them they have over 100 years of experience shoeing horses. Ada Gates (front left) and Allie Hayes (second from right, behind Edward) were two of the first women farriers in America, about 30 years ago, and they're still in the industry, though not shoeing. Tia Nelson (far left) came along in 1980; she went to vet school a couple of years ago to help with her shoeing. The three California women on the right are relatively newcomers, with about 10-15 years' experience each.

Photo by Jehnet Carlson, farrier from Montana who wanted to be IN the photo!

All the best, Fran Jurga.