The United Kingdom Horse Shoers Union

The voice of the farrier.



A recent case has highlighted the dangers for farriers of shoeing for vets
and then trying to recover payment from the vet’s client. After consultation with our Solicitors Matthew Knight and Company and with the Veterinary Defence Society we offer the following advice to our members:

If you are shoeing for a vet then we advise you to submit your invoices to
the veterinary practice and not directly to the owner unless you have
established a contractual relationship with the owner. The advantages to
this are:

1) When working under the direction of the veterinary surgeon you are his
subcontractor and may be covered under the veterinary surgeon’s own
insurance in case of any claim.

2) You will probably be more certain of payment. You will be paid by the
veterinary surgeon as your contract is with him. He then invoices his client
for your work and his own.

3) Attempts to recover bad debts from the horseowner are far less likely to
result in complaints against you the farrier.

However it is very important to have your own professional indemnity cover.
If you do not already have this then contact John Cooke at the Beckett Group
on 01162 473935.

Advice issued by UKHSU August 2003.