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 New Hoof Hardening Gel from Equitech

A new Hoof Hardening Gel from works like magic according to Marlborough farrier Peter Baker. A single application seems to cure problem brittle hooves. And it doesn't get in your eyes! Too good to be true?

John Galpin of Equitech comments: "Whilst I'm in no position to argue with Peter's findings and enthusiasm my own experience is that it takes a couple of months before the effectiveness of the hardener becomes visibly apparent as the damaged hoof grows out. You can often hear a difference in a few weeks as an unshod soft hoof hardens and makes a much sharper sound on a yard floor. Whilst existing minor cracks are stabilised in this period you really need to let them grow out and the new horn, which has been strengthened by the hardener, comes through with minimal cracking before you really see the benefit."

"The disinfectant effect though is very quick. Whilst I wouldn't recommend this product for wounds penetrating substantially into soft tissue, it really is a powerful topical disinfectant for pits and fissures in the hoof hard tissue."

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