The United Kingdom Horse Shoers Association



UKHSU (The United Kingdom Horse Shoers Union) was formed on 28th February 2002 to stand up for their rights of working horseshoers. We changed our name to UKHSA in September 2008.

Chairman: Darrin Oldman Vice Chairman: Stuart Craig, Dr Giles Holtom

Treasurer and Press Officer: Peter Baker   Secretary and Web Person: Martin Humphrey

Contact details: 3, Roughdown Villas Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP3 0AX.

Telephone 07768 337054.  Email

We are an independent democratic farriers organisation. We attend meetings of the FRC and its Disciplinary Committee. We offer many benefits to members and represent the interests of farriers. The more farriers that join us, the more representative the Association will become. In turn, the more influence we will have over the future of our trade.

We are affiliated to the Union of Coutry Sports Workers and to the Countryside Alliance and recognised and consulted by Government and the Industry.

Membership is open to anyone though only working horse shoers (including apprentices) can vote.
The cost is only £25 for one year.

Please give US your support so we can give YOU a voice. Apply for membership.