UKHSU  Constitution



Name: The name of the organisation shall be the United Kingdom Horse Shoers Union known also as UKHSU.
In this document it will be referred to as ‘the Union’.

Purpose: To look after the interests and welfare of the working horse shoer.

Representation: To make sure the working horse shoers of the UK have fair representation at any level with all the relevant bodies and organisations connected with the shoeing of horses.

Meetings: Meetings should be held on a regular basis in locations which give access to all the membership.
An Annual General Meeting will be held each April.

Guidance: The Union aims to offer all members access to legal and financial schemes beneficial to their business and trade.

Membership: Union membership is open to anyone with an interest in the shoeing of horses. 
Only working horse shoers will be able to vote, hold office or call a meeting.

Openness: The Union aims to be open and democratic. All meetings will be publicised and open to all members. Any member will be able to ask for an item to be put on the agenda of any meeting and any member will be free to speak at any meeting. Minutes will be available on request.

Officers: Officers will be elected at each AGM. Each Union member will have one vote for each vacancy. Postal votes will be accepted for members not attending. Officers may serve for any length of time but must stand for re-election each year with nomination and seconding as with all other candidates.