The Farriers Welfare Fund



UKHSU set up defence fund for farriers.

Following the shocking expulsion of Peter Baker and Stuart Craig from Nafbae on flimsy grounds a number of farriers offered money towards legal costs. This prompted us to do something which we had previously talked about, namely to set up a fund primarily to help farriers with legal expenses.

We have called it the Farriers Welfare Fund and the constitution is reproduced below:

If you have need of help with a Disciplinary case or any other legal problem please feel free to contact an UKHSU committee member, or if you wish to make a donation please send a cheque to:

The Farriers Welfare Fund,
Blueys Farm,
Twyford Road,
Waltham St Lawrence,
RG10 0HE

Secretary Stuart Craig can be contacted on 07930 323263.

Officers 2007: Secretary Stuart Craig, Treasurer Peter Baker.
Trustees: Dr Giles Holtom, Martin Humphrey, Steve Boddy, Rupert Christie and Darrin Oldman.

Farriers Welfare Fund - Rules and Constitution

Name: The name of the organisation shall be the Farriers Welfare Fund known also as the FWF. It shall be referred to hereafter as the Fund.History: The Fund was established in November 2006 by the United Kingdom Horseshoers Union (UKHSU).

Purpose: To look after the welfare of the working horse shoer, particularly but not exclusively farriers representatives, UKHSU officers and UKHSU members when threatened where legal advice is needed.

Officers: UKHSU officers will automatically be trustees of the Fund. Additional Trustees may be elected at each AGM or co-opted at any meeting by a majority vote. Additional Trustees do not have to be farriers or UKHSU members. Trustees may serve for any length of time but must stand for re-election each year. From among the Trustees there should be appointed a Treasurer and a Secretary.

Meetings: An Annual General Meeting will be held each year during the UKHSU AGM. Additional meetings will be held on a regular basis. Trustees must be notified in advance of meetings by the Secretary by any reasonable means. A quorum shall consist of three trustees. At each meeting the Trustees present shall agree on a Chairman for the meeting. Decisions shall be made on a simple majority vote. In the event of a tie the present Chairman shall have the final say. If all Trustees are in agreement decisions may be taken by consensus without a meeting.

Funds: Funds shall be acquired by voluntary donations. Funds shall be kept in a separate bank account with at least 3 signatories, any two of the signatories must sign cheques. Funds will be disbursed at the discretion of the Trustees. The fund will accept no liability for any direct or indirect consequences of its disbursements. The Fund will not go into debt.

Organisation: The Fund may seek charitable status or become a Limited Company or a Trust or adopt any other status as the Trustees see fit.